D I V E R S in the old Times:
DIVERS are Men who are able to work and live underwater or in unbreathable Air. 

DIVERS are Men with great physical strength, with healthy organs. There is no second profession, with so great requirements of physical capability, like the profession of a diver - not only occasional. To carry the nearly 200 pounds heavy equipment outside the water, or to move this mass while walking underwater, the breathing while fast changing pressure and, last not least, working with all strength within a not at all safety air supply, require athletic muscles, healthy lungs, strong heart and faultless function of all organs.

Siebe Gorman 12 Bolt Helmet
DIVERS are Men with great mental strength, with intellect and perfect moral. They have to resist variety kinds of hazards, it is required to make greatest demands to their presence of mind and their talent for observations. To do usefull and quick diverswork is at same time the real art of diving, which makes the value of his work. An unwavering sense of duty has to drive him, with give away of all strength of body and mind taking care for the quickest and best solution for the posed job.
Translated Quotation from: Hermann Stelzner "Taucher Technik" Luebeck 1931
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